VidiView in a nutshell 

VidiView is a modern medical image management system delivering atypical features such as
  • Easy to use documentation tools
  • Smart telemedical video consultation
  • Intuitive OR video routing to all the monitors you want
  • User friendly review and post processing of documented images
  • Automated and manual archiving in a central PACS- and VNA-archives
This, and much more, is what VidiView will do for you in a beautiful, integrated and scalable eco-system! 
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In today’s healthcare performance, accuracy and security are central, general concerns and requirements.  

All healthcare establishments using image producing equipment needs a solution to handle these images in order to make use of them, transform them into an asset and provide modern, safe and secure healthcare. Hence – most healthcare establishments.  

The complexity of the medical environment as well as the workload grows continuously – by the day. Common treatment related workflows and every day routines are evolving and being adjusted to new science and technology all the time.  

Growing demands on the healthcare provider runs parallel, driven by a more educated, healthier population with higher demands and expectations in life! 

The best way to handle this challenge is to ensure streamlined processes in all aspects of the treatment process. Distributed Medical have put a lot of effort into streamlining the image management process, making sure we can adjust to an image-based workflow your clinic should have today – and in the future!   

That is our contribution to the future healthcare environment. VidiView – Medical Image Management 2.0 

The VidiView eco-system

VidiView is a software-based solution consisting of 4 modules.

Each module fits perfectly in the medical imaging puzzle and is a vital part of the VidiView solution. Together these modules make up a perfect eco-system for medical image management in your organization.

The solution scales from a few examination rooms in a single clinic to 100+ rooms spread out over an entire region of hospitals and from 10 to 10.000 users. Grow with your needs and pay as you grow!

The solution runs on standard Microsoft Windows infrastructure and the existing network, server and database infrastructure already present in healthcare organizations. Mobile apps run on any smart device based on iOS or Android.

Stationary image management

VidiView Controller

Mobile image management

VidiView Capture

Storing, managing and sharing images

VidiView Server

Reviewing and working with images

VidiView Client

VidiView Controller

The VidiView Controller is the hub in your OR and examination room. It provides functions such as

  • Patient management (with MWL and PDQ integration)
  • Recording of video and still images
  • Routing of video inside the room
  • Telemedical conferences to outside of the room
It connects to the network in one end and the imaging equipment in the other end. You operate the Controller-units with touch or remote triggers from endoscopic equipment and foot switches.
The Controller features a smart recording mechanism enabling you to capture video super-effective. You can even record what has already happed – time-machine-style!
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Often you connect 1 or 2 image sources, but complex environments may require more sources to document or route from. Choose from 1-6 video input channels to accommodate your specific need.

The Controller-unit is based on a medical-grade PC, a touch screen and built-in, specialized image acquisition hardware. It runs on Microsoft Windows 10 IoT. It is available in 3 sizes from 15” to 27” to fit most deployments.

The integrations philosophy is vendor neutrality and we always aim to incorporate as much compatibility as possible with common, external equipment in the OR-space. Equipment such as video routing infrastructure, camera units, endoscopic equipment, lighting, info panels etc. easily integrate without special tools, hidden configuration or customizations.

The controller complies with common enterprise security models used in medtech and all information flowing between the different modules of the system is always encrypted.

VidiView offers seamless integration towards external routing systems such as
  • EIZO CuratOR-units (both AV-over-IP and matrixes)
  • FSN-matrixes (IPS1000A and IPS500)
  • NDS-matrixes (ConductOR G2)
  • Barco Nexxis (MNA-1×0, MNA-2×0 and MNA-4×0-units)
With your routing equipment connected to VidiView, it provides a user friendly, standardized (same look – regardless of equipment) and secure interface for all your routing needs. The interface is integrated in the VidiView Controller-software, together with all the other medical image management functions.

Together the products combine high-quality infrastructure in the OR with workflow and smart medical image management!

VidiView Client

The VidiView Client-application is a modern, intuitive and easy-to-learn, medical imaging workstation. It is your window into VidiView from any PC-computer in your network. It handles most image formats, 4K video and use modern resources (GPU, Intel QuickSync, webservices, HL7, etc.) to give you the best possible user experience!

  • Participate in medical conferences
  • Reviewing your examinations  
  • Edit, post-process and annotate your examinations  
  • Import images from local media, local camera units (such as Canon EOS or GenICam-compatible units) or 3rd party storage (PACS and VNA-solutions) 
  • Export to 3rd party storage (PACS and VNA-solutions) 
  • Report back to referring physician

VidiView Capture

When a more mobile imaging setup is needed, we believe the item most people carry around all the time – your smartphone – is a fantastic tool. Modern smartphones have great cameras, plenty of computing power and great touch screens!

With the right app the device is practically as powerful a any PC-computer. Hence, we set our minds on developing an app supporting typical medical imaging workflows.

The app is centred around documentation of still images, video and audio with supporting features to make the use as clinically relevant as possible.

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As mobile devices have grown increasingly powerful and “smart” we continuously expand our focus on mobility. Today we always try to put mobility and the ability to roam with the information at center of our focus and bring new meaning and use into applications.

Thanks to the abilities the networks around you provide is it now possible to to share information in a smart, cost-effective and instant way! We believe in creating, producing, and supporting our own knowledge and front-line technology whilst others (Microsoft, Dell, and others) produce the supporting, basic technology.

The VidiView Capture app is developed for the sole purpose of support mobile medical image management. It is as modern, secure and intuitive as apps should be at the same time as it complies with regulatory requirements and the security needed for medical information management.

It supports MDM distribution and pre-configuration for your organization. It works great with VPN based network infrastructure and offers both online- and offline use seamlessly.

Your device is your tool

Most people carry a smart device around. With the VidiView Capture-app it transforms into a powerful medical imaging tool! Both Apple and Android-devices are compatible and secure.

User and data security

Integrated enterprise security all the way to your smart device. On to of this we put 2-factor security with biometric or PIN-enhanced login – your choice!

Choose your workspace

Each day – a new adventure. All your clinics automatically shows up when you login. Pick one and get to work!

Scheduled patients on a silver platter

If your clinic has a department worklist – you will see it. Pick your next patient and you are off!

When patient drop-in you pop-in

With no department scheduler you can manually enter or barcode-scan patient IDs and the system will retrieve the remaining patient data for you on the fly.

Check – check – check and GO

Once you have patient data loaded – from a scheduler or from a manual entry – you simply verify it and start your examination!

Point and shoot – stills or video

You work with the camera in much the same way as always. Smart zoom with one finger only and let the app guide you to correct rotation of your device. Zero learning curve for the everyday smart device user!

Anatomy is key!

For reliable and safe image documentation you may map images to the human anatomy. If needed you may also tag images with diagnostic coding. This makes way for smarter and more automated post processing!

VidiView Server

The server module is the center point of the solution. It ties all the other parts together and is the hub for all enterprise wide integrations such as connection to PACS and VNA, worklists, HL7-services (PDQ, IAN, ADT, ATNA, etc.) and the storage.

The server is a Microsoft Windows server-application that runs on a virtual (or physical) Windows 2016 server (or newer) and relies on Microsoft SQL Server for data storage.

It provides a central GUI-based interface for configuration, maintenance and surveillance of the entire VidiView eco-system. It is well documented, intuitive to configure and completely open for the user organization to work with.

  • Software only (to be deployed on local virtual or physical server)
  • One server per deployment (hospital or region)
  • Provides image storage (often short term locally and long term in PACS/VNA)
  • Provides Integrations (such as worklists, PACS, EPR via HL7/IHE, Dicom etc.)
  • Enterprise security (authentication, authorization, roles, etc.)
  • Data management (department, exam templates, coding, checklists, etc.)
  • Central system oversight and management

Do we want to tell you more about VidiView and what it could do for your organization or your needs? You bet!

In fact – we would like to show you since we believe seeing is believing. And once you have seen what VidiView can do – we urge you to compare us to other image management solutions and challenge us with your extra-special-super-complex needs!

We are eager to hear from you – so get in touch!