SARS-CoV-2 bulletin

16 April, 2020
We would like to wish good health and express solidarity with all our customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues that have been affected by the virus and/or the subsequent lockdowns. We hope that the pandemic and its impact on the economy as well as on the healthcare sector soon will be over, and life will get back on track.

As part of a currently vital industry supporting the healthcare sector, Distributed Medical has taken measures to maintain all ongoing operations at full capacity. We work according to the Swedish health ministry recommendations and regulations to avoid unnecessary risk exposure to employees, partners, suppliers and customers. We have relocated part of our staff to home offices and we are using video conferencing platforms for as much communication and meetings as possible.

Distributed Medical is currently working at full capacity and all contractual support and service will remain. We are currently advising all customers to hold back on larger upgrades or planned, but not critical, system maintenance.

Till further notice all customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues can expect full performance support and commitment from our organization!

Stay healthy – Distributed Medical