VidiView R4.10

14 August, 2023

Release brief for R4.10

Another important release of our medical image management system VidiView is available!

This release will conclude the era of VidiView R4 and act as the bridging release from 4.x to R5 (5.0). We urge all our customers to migrate to this release during the fall 2023 to prepare for the coming release of VidiView R5. VidiView Controller and VidiView Capture from the 4.10 branch will continue to work with the R5 Server and R5 Client once they are released to make the transition as smooth and non-obtrusive as possible.

VidiView v4.10 is the successor of v4.9, released back in August 2022. The focus in the v4.10 release revolves around


  • [General] Prep for the future – Further improved and extended API
  • [General] Prep for the future – New Dicom modality worklist module
  • [General] Prep for the future – New Dicom C-store module
  • [General] Prep for the future – New Dicom Q/R module
  • [Feature] New possibilities and options for transformational Dicom workflow configuration
  • [General] Preparation for the future!