Trigger Interface

13 December, 2023
In medical imaging, trigger signals is a central and very common type of integration in many situations. Image producing modalities often incorporates buttons, triggers, foot pedals or other mechanics to produce a trigger signal for other equipment to act upon.

This generic mechanism – widely used for decades and today more than ever – need to be safe and reliable. In order to establish a safe, reliable and regulatory compliant connection between your image producing equipment and your image recording unit you need a medically qualified and safe trigger interface.

The Distributed Medical Trigger Interface 01 (DM-TI01) is the first CE-MDR-compliant trigger interconnection accessory on the market. It can be used for a wide range of purposes. Most commonly with endoscopic and microscopic equipment in clinical healthcare environments.

It comes with a software SDK for those who wants to integrate the interface in their own solution. Please inquire about your specific needs and requirements